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Race Engineered

TCE Motorsport parts and service honors BMW's participation and success in racing. TCE Motorsport products and services go beyond restoration and service and uses its engineering experience to improve the performance of classic BMWs at any cost, including purity. 

Motorsport Parts

There are many parts that were not originally created by BMW that help classic BMW and racing enthusiasts enjoy their vehicles beyond their stock form. TCE Motorsport aims to use its engineering expertise to bring these parts to the table. From shift knobs, to header flanges, TCE Motorsport delivers products to meet the needs of the BMW enthusiast.


Motorsport Service

TCE Motorsport completes projects that fall out the scope of most typical workshops. 

- Powertrain Conversions

- Powertrain Calibration and Tuning

- Motorsport Alignments

- Aftermarket Part Installation 

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