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  • After several uses, the original BMW E30/E36 differential bolts can become stretched and lose their ability to stay tight under hard driving conditions. This is often due to overtightening of the hardware, which can lead to stretching of the bolt. Once a bolt is stretched, it should be replaced.


    Our replacement differential hardware is zinc coated and highly resistant to corrosion. We have also included a small bottle of Loctite 243, which should also be applied to each bolt when installing to prevent any chance of hardware backing out during use. 


    To avoid overstretching your hardware, use an installation torque of 54 ft/lbs or 74nm. 


    Replaces BMW P/N: 33211227279, 33211227664

    BMW E30/E36 Rear Differential CV Axle Hardware Kit

    SKU: MEC-0016.1

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