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1994 JDM RHD 525i Manual Conversion

The owner of this awesome and unique (but automatic) E34 was looking for the best upgrade you can get for an automatic car. Swapping it for a manual!

This challenging project involved finding rare components and lots of elbow grease. Using a combination of important RHD parts, and a local 525i donor car. We swapped this car from an automatic to a 5-speed manual. RHD pedal boxes span the width of the car and require much more extensive disassembly than a LHD manual swap. They also need a full custom clutch hydraulic system, including a hard line that tucks behind the engine. In the process we also installed an LSD to even further enhance the driving dynamics. A modified version of our manual swap kit was used with full abrasion shielding to make sure all wiring was good to go for hundreds of thousands of miles.

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