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  • We at TC Euro designed this tool to replace the BMW seal installation tool (83300490965). This tool is intended to be used for the front crank seal behind the main bolt. 


    The tool will allow you to install seals to the correct depth easily without damaging the metal surrounding the seal, or the seal itself. It is designed to be used with a rubber mallet. The rubber mallet is better at distributing the load on the tool to make sure the seal is installed evenly. Using a non-rubber hammer can break the tool.


    This tool is designed for use with the following crankshaft seal part numbers.
    - 11141275466
    - 1141265431
    - 11141274346
    - 11141736932
    - 12012045B


    BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M20 M21 M62 S62 Front Crankshaft Seal Installation Tool


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